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The device also allows you to record directly to an onboard 8 gigabyte memory and you can upgrade up to 64G if you add your own SD card.

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Geese are loud and quick to respond when they hear the slightest questionable noise.

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7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar.

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To me 3000$ is a lot of money.

monitoring security system

It does not have a carbon monoxide sensor. First Alert SCO7CN $25. 97 This battery operated model has a photoelectric smoke sensor as well as a carbon monoxide detector. In addition to its siren, the unit can voice warnings and instructions. First Alert P1010 Atom $24. 88 This model uses a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke and is more compact than traditional smoke detectors.

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Clear Two way Audio It features two way audio stream through built in microphone and speaker , you can speak to your baby and listen what your baby saying via Zoos Smart App.

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